Gregg Rubenstein, CMA, QKA, QPA


Gregg Rubenstein was appointed CEO of Primark Benefits in the fall of 2019 after spending 10 years as the company’s finance director. Since assuming the CEO role, Gregg has led the management team, focusing on maintaining the high level of expertise and excellent customer service that clients have come to expect from Primark Benefits.

Gregg has extensive experience with employee benefits, finance, and management. He served as the finance director at Camp Tawonga for over 20 years, working with professional colleagues and its volunteer Board to run the non-profit summer camp located near Yosemite National Park. He also serves on several non-profit boards.

His passion for retirement planning started early in his career when a portion of his responsibilities included participating in pension plan committee meetings while with his non-profit employer.

Gregg is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, and holds the designations of Qualified 401(k) Administrator, Qualified Pension Administrator, Certificated Public Accountant – Inactive, and Certified Management Accountant. His professional affiliations include the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).