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Primark’s President Stephen Dobrow Tells It Like It Is

Featured in Golden Gate University’s alumni magazine, Stephen Dobrow, Primark Benefits’ President & CEO, talks about his experience at GGU and in Silicon Valley, and the challenges he faced when he became his own boss. The interview concludes with his best advice for new small businesses. Download the article (PDF).

Could Congress Possibly Touch Retirement Savings To Fix The Deficit?

Congress wants to reduce the deficit, but it has no appetite to raise taxes, so it’s focused on cutting loopholes to raise income—like deductions for mortgages, charitable contributions, and 401ks. According to Stephen Dobrow, President & CEO of Primark Benefits, if they reduce 401k contributions, it would have a significant effect on retirement savings, which today accounts for 2/3 or all wealth in the US. More importantly, it would drastically reduce the quality of life for people during retirement.

Stephen discusses this issue on KDOW Radio 1220 AM’s “Your Financial Life”, with Craig Roberts and Pat Vitucci. He also urges the public to contact their representatives in Washington, D.C. now, by going to